Sunday, 4 August 2013

Glasgow - Weegie Street / Red sandstone tenements

Glasgow is many things to many people. According to the Commonwealth Games folks it's...

 "Historic and avant-garde, quirky and elegant, rainy and heartwarming - Glasgow is a city of opposites and of inspiration, dear to anyone who's lived here and unforgettable to any visitor. It's a city where people like to dress up and have fun, to party all night, to soak up culture and to have a bit of banter with the next person in the queue. It's a city where you'll see charity-shop hipsters rub shoulders with stylish high-flyers, where indulgence can mean cocktails and designer handbags or a stroll through a Victorian park. It's a city of underground music venues and architectural jewels, of art and music festivals, of lazy Sunday morning brunches. It has a vast cultural offering and it's like no other place in the world."

To me it's home. I do lots of different illustrations and some of them have focused on Glasgow. After completing this image, I really want to pursue some more Glasgow related projects. For those of you who live in Glasgow, Weegie Street will be a bit familiar with the iconic red stone tenement, the variety of characters and also the little neds stealing pizza. I wanted to create an snap shot of a tenement, full of life and also full of detail so that you always spot something different when you look at it.

Anyway, I present...Weegie Street!

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