Monday, 24 December 2012

Illustration Friday : Glow

It has been far too long since I have joined in the Illustration Friday fun so I thought I would post something for the last one of 2012! This week the theme for illustration Friday is "Glow"! Here is an image from a children's book I've been working on recently. I hope you like it! To see more images on this theme go to


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

five stages of MAN flu

After sharing my last illutration of the five phases of flu...I was told by a male friend that for man flu there is only one phase - DEFEAT. So...that called for another karentoon. Enjoy.
ps it's not sexist if a man says it first! (or if it is factually correct)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Five Phases of Flu

It is the most wonderful time of the year.....festive parties, thoughtful gifts and ruddy flu. I love Christmas, but every year without fail I catch the dreaded flu bug. This year is no different.

Flu comes in five phases. I'm currently in phase five, I wish I had spent more time trying to master phase 1....maybe next year.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Vintage Karentoons - Great Ormond Street Hospital

I have just discovered, thanks to mumtoons, that a tile I designed in Primary School is still on display in Great Ormond Street Hospital in the hydrotherapy unit. 

The competition was to design a tile for to decorate the hospital with the theme "kids in space".
I was judged a winner by my childhood hero Neil Buchanan. At the time he was of course famous for his children's TV show "Art Attack" which I adored so you can imagine how exciting this was. Back then I wanted to be him when I grew up. I suppose in some respects I am - but without my own successful TV show.

It really has made my day knowing that is still on display in the children's hospital after all these years. I hope it still makes some little faces smile.