Tuesday, 28 August 2012

#artideas - How to Make a 3D Spider Web

My friends at Articulate Gallery recently asked me some #artideas for their new blog showing folk the endless possibilities that can be displayed in their 3D frames. This is a really fun idea for those aged 5-9...or 26 in my case.

As I grew up watching BBC Blue Peter, this was a dream come true. I created a 3D spider web complete with dangling spider.

Here are the steps you need to make draw the spider:

What you will need: a marker pen (Sharpie is my preference, but any good waterproof marker will do) and some card (I've used the inside of a cornflakes box)

Use your black marker to draw this onto the card. First draw 2 circles for eyes and 2 dots inside the eyes. These dots show where the spider is looking which should be up at his dinner.

Next draw an oval for the body. Make sure the eyes in the upper half of the oval so you have room to put the mouth in.

Now, draw the 8 legs. 4 on each side. Start in the middle and work your way up and round.

Finally give your spider a mouth. I made my spider happy because he has lots of bugs to eat for his dinner. This is simply a stretched out U shape, with another U shape underneath. As for the tounge its an upside down U shape.

To find out how to make the rest click HERE to go the Articulate Gallery blog.

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